29 Famous Dishes from 29 States Of India

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”

– George Bernard Shaw


India is a versatile nation with various cultures. India is a country where we find different religions, peoples and that’s why there is some or the other eccentricity we find it different parts or in different states.

This is the ultimate food tour of India. JMB Caterers presents you the tastiest dishes of the country;


  1. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana – Hyderabadi Biryani


  1. Arunachal Pradesh – Apong & Mung Bean Dosa
  2. Assam – Masoor Tenga & Assamese Thali
  3. Bihar – Litti Chokha
  4. Chhattisgarh- Mahuwa and Bafauri
  5. Goa- Goan Fish Curry
  6. Gujarat – Thepla
  7. Haryana – Kadhi Pakoda
  8. Himachal Pradesh – Madra
  9. Jammu & Kashmir – Rogan Josh
  10. Jharkhand – Baigan Chop & Thekua
  11. Karnataka – Bisibele Bath
  12. Kerala – Sadya
  13. Madhya Pradesh – Poha Jalebi
  14. Maharashtra – Vada Pav
  15. Manipur – Soibum Eromba

HolidayIQ Traveller Varun Sharma says, “The place is a boon for pure vegetarians (like me). There is no visible night life in Manipur and Nagaland due to security protocols being followed by Indian Army. Although if your are non-vegetarian then the entire Manipur trip can be memorably delectable for you. There are varieties of fish and other non-veg cuisine available for non-veg. enthusiasts.” 17. Meghalaya-Jadoh with Rice 

  1. Mizoram – Zu Tea 


HolidayIQ Traveller Nripen says, “Good and educated people in aizawl. Beautiful scenery and big hills. Food, sightseeing and shopping: Daily market is very affordable and seller are gentle and wise.” 

Where To Stay In Mizoram 



Creative And Unique Indian Food To Serve On Your Special Day

You know what is the best things about the Indian way of celebrations (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. etc.) is “Khaana” i.e. food. Indians are not only fond of food but also the way it is presented on their special days. They want that the yummy, mouth-watering delicacies can also be served with aplomb. Here, we are giving you a few unique and creative ideas to serve the food so as your special day would be a spectacle in terms of awesome food and guests going yummmm.

Indian Tapas

You can have an Indian Tapas Bar on your special occasion. To simplify the food, you can include munchies like papri chat, masala peanuts, dry poha, and various other stuffing.


Papri Chaat in Glasses

Still, you need an explanation for it. Present yummy papri chaat in this sophisticated way and get all the appreciation.




Parantha Tacos

Simply put a little filling and wrap it up like tacos. This ideas is very simple but makes your serving look simply amazing.

Poppadum Scoops

Take tiny poppadums and add the ingredients of your choice from mangoes, chilies to potatoes and indori sev.

Chana In Ice Cream Cones

Roasted and flavored chana with South-Indian spices can be given an interesting international appeal by putting them in Ice Cream cones.

Dahi Chaat in Ramekins

Normally, ramekins are used for desserts and all kinds of tiramisus. But you can serve chaat of your choice in them.

Gulab Jamuns In Cocktail Glasses

Serve those Gulab Jamuns in cute cocktail glasses. But make sure the size of gulab jamun must be small so they can be easily eaten.

Sev Puri Canapes

Canapes are easy. You just need the cover and you can fill in whatever you want.

Mung Bean Chaat Baskets

Put tasty mung beans in a filo pastry basket to give it a samosa-like appeal. Isn’t good…?

Paan-flavored Pannacotta

This one is very unique. Include Indian flavors like Rose, Cardamom, Paan, etc. Just take these ingredients and give them a twist and you’ll see!

Cocktail Idli Hearts With Coconut Chutney Shots

This is the sweetest, easiest and the cutest thing anyone can ever serve at the special occasion. Idlis are beaten with beetroot and cut into heart-shapes paired with cute coconut chutney shots.

Tell us in the comments sections your favorite food that you think we missed out.


How To Choose The Best Caterer For Wedding Reception?

Wedding is a gala affair not only for brides and grooms but also for the families and relatives. As soon as the wedding date is fixed, the time arrives when family members need to roll up their sleeves for finding the best caterer in the city. They look for a caterer who can prepare the feast of their dreams, a caterer who makes the wedding event memorable for a lifetime.

Obviously, it is essential as food is always an indispensable ingredient of every event whether it is a wedding, corporate event, birthday party, baby shower or any other event.

“Quality, taste and appearance”, these are the few important things needs to be kept in mind while choosing a caterer. Let’s check out a few important points for hiring the best caterer for your event to make your event a remarkable one and to bring smiles on each and every guest coming in.

Pay attention to details

Explore every detail about the caterer you are planning to hire. Never rely on an advertisement and always ask for recommendations or references. It will help you in acquiring information about caterer’s best things, specializations, etc. what the caterer does best. To avoid any horrors, ask for 10 or more references, from your caterer. Any specialized caterer would be pleased to provide you with a list of their most recent clients.

Tempt your taste buds

Schedule a testing session before finalizing a caterer. Ask him for the best dishes, including starters, sweets, mocktails, soups, etc. Don’t forget to ask about the table setup, display of the menu and other essential things. Ask them for a site where they are offering their services, visit the site and taste the food there in the principles of its taste, quality, appearance, presentation, display, etc.

An experienced caterer can create a simple wedding menu into a spectacular feast within the client’s budgetary needs.

Ask for License and Insurance

Before making a final selection of a catering company, ask for a copy of the company’s license and proof of liability insurance. Also, check whether your catering company is registered or not. Make sure that your caterer should have an insurance policy to save you from any oversight or accident.

Examine the specialty

It is not always necessary that every caterer specializes in every kind of event. Some caterers specialize in organizing larger events with a large number of guests, while others specialize in smaller events like private parties, birthday parties, etc. Not every caterer is suitable for every type of event. So, better perform intense research and choose your caterer carefully.

Sign the contract carefully

When you are done with details of catering with the caterer, it’s time to decide dates, times, and other details with the written contract. It is necessary to review and understand every single detail. Clarify all the details like total cost includes taxes or not, bifurcation of charges for food, drinks, service charge, delivery, travel expenses, equipment hire, etc.

If you are planning to organize a wedding event, sangeet or mehndi event, theme party, etc. and still not sure which caterer in Indore will serve you best, then you have arrived at a right place. JMB Caterers is a leading name in the Catering Industry and are known for making the events grand and memorable one from the past 35 years. We do catering for all events whether a big or small and specialized in creating a permanent impression on the minds of your guests.

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