You know what is the best things about the Indian way of celebrations (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. etc.) is “Khaana” i.e. food. Indians are not only fond of food but also the way it is presented on their special days. They want that the yummy, mouth-watering delicacies can also be served with aplomb. Here, we are giving you a few unique and creative ideas to serve the food so as your special day would be a spectacle in terms of awesome food and guests going yummmm.

Indian Tapas

You can have an Indian Tapas Bar on your special occasion. To simplify the food, you can include munchies like papri chat, masala peanuts, dry poha, and various other stuffing.


Papri Chaat in Glasses

Still, you need an explanation for it. Present yummy papri chaat in this sophisticated way and get all the appreciation.




Parantha Tacos

Simply put a little filling and wrap it up like tacos. This ideas is very simple but makes your serving look simply amazing.

Poppadum Scoops

Take tiny poppadums and add the ingredients of your choice from mangoes, chilies to potatoes and indori sev.

Chana In Ice Cream Cones

Roasted and flavored chana with South-Indian spices can be given an interesting international appeal by putting them in Ice Cream cones.

Dahi Chaat in Ramekins

Normally, ramekins are used for desserts and all kinds of tiramisus. But you can serve chaat of your choice in them.

Gulab Jamuns In Cocktail Glasses

Serve those Gulab Jamuns in cute cocktail glasses. But make sure the size of gulab jamun must be small so they can be easily eaten.

Sev Puri Canapes

Canapes are easy. You just need the cover and you can fill in whatever you want.

Mung Bean Chaat Baskets

Put tasty mung beans in a filo pastry basket to give it a samosa-like appeal. Isn’t good…?

Paan-flavored Pannacotta

This one is very unique. Include Indian flavors like Rose, Cardamom, Paan, etc. Just take these ingredients and give them a twist and you’ll see!

Cocktail Idli Hearts With Coconut Chutney Shots

This is the sweetest, easiest and the cutest thing anyone can ever serve at the special occasion. Idlis are beaten with beetroot and cut into heart-shapes paired with cute coconut chutney shots.

Tell us in the comments sections your favorite food that you think we missed out.

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