YEAR 1935

Jain Mithai Bhandaar (JMB) was established by our forefather’s in this year with the philosophy of quality and honesty. JMB Quality keystone provides a solid foundation for our work ethic. We conduct our business to high standards of fairness and integrity.

YEAR 1945

Similar to today’s time, Puri and aalo ki sabzi was all-time favourite meal of Indian families. But if you talk about commercially introducing it in the food market, the credit goes to JMB. Puri, Aloo ki sabzi and along with that Moong dal halwa was first served by JMB in that era. Isn’t commendable?

YEAR 1980

Indore is getting expanded day by day. But in the ’80s, Sarafa remains the heart of the city and the hottest destination for shopping in the day time and food stalls in the night time. JMB opened its first shop in Pipli Bazar, Sarafa Market of Indore and serve our customers with utmost love.

YEAR 1985 

Starting a new venture and opening a new shop was not easy for us. It requires a lot of courage, dedication, and hard work. Later after a shop in Pipli Bazaar, we worked even harder and came up with more new outlets in Indore city and till today we are continuing with the legacy.

YEAR 1989

We love serving delicious food to the client and in response; we also receive lots of love from our customers too who are a die-heart fan of JMB’S food. This tremendous love and support gave us more courage to enter into the catering segment. And from here we started the journey of Catering Business under the name “Dilip Jain Caterers”.

YEAR 2002 

Starting a catering business was a life-changing experience for us. People suddenly took notice on us, they started liking our catering services and here we realise the need of coming up in the more organised and systematic way and thus we updated our Catering Services with the name “JMB Caterers”.

YEAR 2005 

We started initially with one outlet and catering to the wedding and small events like birthday parties and anniversary parties. With the expanding clients and demand, we continued with more than 10 food outlets and successful catering services serving for almost events of all types.

YEAR 2010 

This is the years from which we started providing our services to big fat Indian Weddings with more experience, flavor, and distinguishable specialities. Our expertise is unbeatable and unwatchable because of which our clients never look for an alternated option.

YEAR 2018 

We have always been indistinguishable catering services for the wedding to corporate events. In the Year 2018, JMB Caterers became an Honour to serve as an official catering partner to Lok Sabha (Government of India)

YEAR 2019 

We have end number of clients and customers whom we had provided indistinguishable catering services for their wedding to corporate events. The cherry on the cake is recently providing catering services to India’s most reputable Wedding Event “Ambani’s Son’s Wedding” in Mumbai.